It is not enough to think we own the ground we stand on. 

A criminal or aggressor is not a psychic reading our thoughts – they must read what they see.  When they see a confident individual they must decide if they will come into the space that the confidence exists within and challenge that confidence.  They can read their prey as a wolf reads an injured animal in the herd.  Rarely do wolves attack the strongest or alpha male…so we must strive to be the alpha male they will not attack and in turn we must protect the weakest.  This is the ultimate expression of the concept of being the sheepdog.

Without a governing philosophy we become lost.  We then begin to train in action but without purpose.  We buy products for our training without a knowledge of how we will make the equipment a part of our physical, mental, and spiritual self.  Instead we must master the elements and become intelligent.  An intelligent fighter will find a way to prevail, their physical skills will give them the means to do so, and the spirit will ensure they not quit until the task is done.’

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