Combative Physics

We are proud to announce the release of Pramek’s newest Interactive Manual, ‘Combative Rotiation’!!!!

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Combative Rotation is the most indepth study into the physics of rotation in combat ever produced, in Pramek’s innovative interactive manual format.  Combative Physics at it’s best!

Combining over an hour of video instruction with pages of indepth physics study, easy to understand explanation and diagrams.

Follow Matt Powell as he explains and demonstrates how physics apply to combat and martial art.  This is the purest form of combative physics, the heart of martial arts like systema, american combatives, even MMA.

Learn the science of rotation in combat, what force couples are, how the body acts when it grabs another body, and the wheel and axle – and easy to use method commonly seen, but brought to a new level of efficiency in Combative Rotation.


This manual applies to any martial art!

Topics include:

Notes for the Student

Why study Combative Rotation?

Force Couples and the physics of rotation

Using the CLM with Force Couples

What is Joint Center Mass

The Wheel and Axle – what it is, and how to use it

Mechanical Advantage of the Wheel and Axle

Defensive Concepts – Dive / Tackle Defense

Closed Structures: The Wheel and Axle

Defensive Concepts: Breaking Arm Structure

The Wheel and Axle: Creating an Axis in an arm and body structure

Creativity in Training – one video tip to change your training!

Rotation in Combat, an essay.


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