If you bought our video, Organizing The Fight (https://pramek.com/p-shop/product/organizing-the-fight/), you might have noticed a really strong guy who was my training partner throughout. Arash has been a Pramek stalwart for a long time, and what he lacks in graceful mechanics he makes up in heart and power.

So, it is with a swollen heart that we congratulate Arash on joining the ranks of Georgia State Patrol (that’s him on the right).

This is two students we’ve given to GSP (you can see Chris pretty regularly in videos), and I hope to see many more in the future. I take comfort knowing that Arash hits the highway with some knowledge of Pramek (it’s already saved other officer’s and private security lives around the country in hand-to-hand) and I’m hopefully his training officer won’t abuse him too bad.

Pramek, at it’s core, is about survival (as you will learn in CLM 4 as more of our philosophy is revealed).  Pramek stands for Practical Mechanics Survival System, from the beginning, dating back to it being an original name of the Kadochnikov System, which is how we pay homage to our lineage.  The movement, the science, everything builds to survival of the student.  When I started Pramek I never dreamed I would be shown videos of our students surviving because of Pramek, from Iraq to the streets of America. We’ve come a long way, we’ve done a lot of different stuff, but at the end, all that matters is the knowledge we helped someone survive.  These are tough times, the past few years have been tough on law enforcement, yet young men like Arash continue to put their own lives on the line as they seek to serve their community.  In the end, no matter the martial art, that is beyond commendable – it is admirable.

Welcome to the brotherhood, congrats Arash…be safe.


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