EP42: Sharp Thoughts with Cody Skillen

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Longsword river 1Sharp weapon and thoughts…this week’s episode of a great interview with Cody Skillen of Winnipeg Knightly Arts.

The lost art of sword training and blade is reborn in the works of many modern practitioners of the edged arts, and Cody Skillen is one of the leading new voices.

Studying for years, training, and teaching, Cody guides us through the history of the blade, methodology, mechanics, the CLM, and so much more.

Make sure to check out Cody’s site at:  http://www.winnipegknightlyarts.com/

On this episode Matt discusses:

– How writing is the first step to a legacy
– The history of edged weapons from clubs to kitana’s, Europe to the East
– The mechanics of edged weapons and how they can help modern martial art training
– The things you can learn today from a teacher like Cody to change your training
– Apple Jacks, The Rat Pack, and much more…

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