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Congrats to Dr. John Landry for this new article he was part of the team on.
We are glad to have him on our team for our close quarters tactics and LE training.

Emergency Medical Response in Active-Threat Situations: Training Standards for Law Enforcement
In an active-threat situation, emergency medical services (EMS) personnel may be unable to access the scene. This could require law enforcement officers to render care without EMS assistance to themselves, injured colleagues, or victims. A care gap of this type occurred in two recent high-profile active-shooter incidents.

To develop law enforcement medical training standards based on identified gaps and needs, it is critical to understand current training levels. Unfortunately, little is known about law enforcement medical training and response in the United States.[2] The authors conducted a study that described levels of medical instruction provided to officers and evaluated the impact of specific training on selected medical decision-making skills. For the study they distributed an anonymous Internet-based survey through a law enforcement newsletter. In addition to demographic and training questions, they administered scenario-based survey questions (table 1) developed by a panel of experts.

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