Pramek spans beyond martial art, combative, and movement training and explores our science through a variety of means.

Over the weekend, while filming a new video series, we took the Simunitions FX equipment into Matt’s basement for a force on force study of on-cover and off-cover techniques.

The relationship between Pramek and Sage Dynamics is well known in a variety of circles.  Aaron Cowan, the lead instructor for Sage Dynamics, is Pramek’s FFA Instructor, and Matt Powell actively trains under Aaron for firearms.  Unlike many partnerships in the industry, Aaron and Matt actually work in the same law enforcement department and patrol together, as well as training and developing programs together.

Matt is in the room waiting, and Aaron is doing the cover demonstration.  As you can see, this kind of training is invaluable in civilian CCW and home defense training…and as Matt found out, once again, painful 🙂

Simunitions is not readily available to the public.  Pramek offers simunitions courses through Sage Dynamics.  Please contact us at for more information to bring a course to your school.


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