Attacking the vestibular:  one of the most effective close quarters methods available for maximum damage.

The vestibular (inner ear) system is the key to our equilibrium – when we attack it, we attack the very ability of an enemy to stand.

Below is a great article for a student to understand the vestibular system.

When we attack the vestibular system, like we discuss in Breaking Balance, our goal is to induce vertigo by causing impact to the inner ear and semi-circular canal.  By impacting this system, we in turn disrupt the ability of the enemy to stand and maintain equilibrium, forcing them to rely on their sight and touch (visual and proprioceptive) systems to maintain equilibrium.  This puts the enemy at a severe disadvantage.

Learn more at  Breaking Balance, where you can pick up the interactive video PDF that will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about equilibrium and ‘balance.’

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