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Inspiration is a picky thing for me.  There is so much to be inspired by, just take a few minutes on Youtube, but inspiration can lead to distraction.  I am always a little weary when I feel inspired by something…art, music, a book.  Recently I finished Blood Meridian, Or The Evening Redness in the West […]

Your Human Nature

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Recently I was reading an article about space and how humans should be looking for our species to survive in space, past earth, as one day earth will be inhabitable.  In the comment section a comment read, ‘Why? We’ll just screw those places up too…it’s human nature.’ It got me thinking…what is this ‘human nature’ […]

The Tree or the Wind

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What does wind look like? One of the most beautiful places in the world (to my mind, at least) is the coast of my home state of Georgia.  The first time I saw the wind blown trees on the coast of Jekyll Island I was awed at two things.  First, the beauty.  Second, I was […]

2 CHainz

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I’m gonna tell you a story…a story of having your ass put into gear by a rapper, 2Chainz. Many people know my background, but if you don’t, I spent a while on the road with Ludacris (the rapper) and his label on tours in the early 2000’s. I was part security, part personal trainer, and […]

Somewhere, anywhere…

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Don’t kid yourself…you need to get outdoors. More than a decade of running a successful online business, selling a brand or two, teaching around the world, and holding a full time career and advancing like I have…it takes a toll. It’s a toll once can’t describe unless they’ve had the feeling anxiety hit at the […]

La Luz

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Each year people flock to the La Luz Trail (http://www.laluztrail.com/) in the Sandia Mountain range of NM.  I look at the range right outside of my part time home, Albuquerque (trying saying that 10 times really fast).  I’ve done La Luz up and back (16 miles) in earlier fall and let me tell you…it’s not […]