The Frolov Device

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Famous American Martial Arts instructor recognizes the power of breathing exercises


Matt Powell, a successful martial arts instructor from the USA kindly shared his experience on using the Frolov device:

«I began using the Frolov device in 2000 in coordination with my martial art training. I heard it mentioned by a teacher of mine and decided to buy one. I noticed the benefits immediately for my overall respiratory health. I just felt better….While on a trip to Krasnodar, Russia to study Kadochnikov Style the 80+ year old father of one of my instructors showed me his older Frolov device (which dwarfed mine in size) and amazed me with his breath control. He had used it daily for years and he was quite proud of the results! I knew I was onto something and used my device religiously — it helped my endurance, strength training, timing my breathing.’

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