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We are excited to announce the release of the the third manual in the Conceptual Learning Method series.

For those unfamiliar, Conceptual Learning Method, or CLM, is Pramek’s teaching and training philosophy.  Unlike many other styles and systems, we have a fully developed, researched adagogically based system for teaching, testing, and learning.

An example – most teachers and systems speak in terms of pedagogy.  But, pedagogy is based on the education of children, which is why we have looked teaching martial art from the point of view of adagogy, which is the education of adults.

You don’t deserve to be taught like a child, you have experiences and habits…so we won’t teach you like you don’t.

Most people who pick up the CLM tell us, ‘I’ve never read anything like this.’  And there is at reason – it’s not your traditional martial art manuals.  It’s applicable theory you can take and apply to any martial art.

The third in the series, ‘The Teacher and The Student’ is now available in our shop for purchase:

The third installment of the Conceptual Learning Method series, ‘The Teacher and The Student’ is a collection of CLM based essays by Matt Powell on how to best build and maintain the teacher student relationship.

This manual brings together both the first EPL manual, and the second DPT manual, into a format of how to apply the CLM to your training classes most difficult obstacle: the relationship between student and teacher.

Topics include:

How to look at martial art in the current industry based solely around money.

The Prisoner’s Dilemma and how the student and teacher interact

Identifying trouble students and how to adjust to their problems

Stopping and turning around fading and burning out students

Teacher vs. Instructor – how to identify which you are

Communication terminology in classes and how the wrong word selection can make or break a student

The different learning profiles of students and how to identify with each

Emotional intelligence and the ‘filtering process’

How to become a better student by being a better teacher, and vice versa

How to use the EPL and DPT to supplement and strengthen the Teacher-Student Relationship

The Pramek Cone of Experience and how to teach a student correctly every time

How to remove the ego from classes and students…and most importantly, instructors

…and much more.

Available now at:


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