Without being a well-rounded fighter you are not a good fighter.

We posted a video on Facebook of me working on a great company’s heavy bag system and I get message like ‘Why are you boxing?’ ‘Why are you working on a bag, it doesn’t hit back!’

One word: pankration.

The truth is if you are not a well-rounded fighter, you are not a good overall fighter.

This is not to say someone has to do MMA, but there is a reason the Roman’s trained for pankration (boxing and wrestling with few rules) because it created the basis for a fighter to build off of.

A fighter who understands boxing and wrestling is a fighter who can build off a strong foundation because our primary weapons are our hands, our body weight, and strength.

I grew up boxing and wrestling. That base let me build on it learning a variety of different methods and styles, combined with an understanding of physics and biomechanics to CREATE how I want to fight, not how someone taught me to do it.

Based on experience and using the knowledge physics, mechanics, biomechanics, psychology, neurology, and physiology of Pramek I created how I want to fight.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t like to go in and refine the skills of boxing and working a bag to time my strikes and mechanics (rusty as I may be lol). There are few better workouts than a good boxing workout, and few better skills to fall back on when outclassed by an opponent.

Ask Bruce Lee.

So, let the misconception die that I only throw a whip strike and then do a lever and disturb equilibrium.

I am not a student of martial art, I am a student of the human doing martial art

– Matt


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