What is the Science of Martial Art?

Why teach a petite woman like you would teach a tall man?

In Pramek, science is the equalizer.  One must adapt what they are learning to their abilities, and the teacher must do the same through science.

Adaptive Combatives uses a process called ‘imprinting.’ Imprinting teaches the student how to adapt fighting methods to their own ability…creating their own way of surviving that fits the student.

This is done with science – the lever, the screw, human equilibrium, the wedge…true science.

Pramek’s lineage dates back to the late Alexei Kadochnikov (RIP), the Grandfather of modern Russian style.  Kadochnikov System, one of the only martial art systems in the world to have it’s own patents and it’s founder to be honored with a National Treasure status, was the first martial art system to be wholly based in ‘science’.  Kadochnikov, having a martial art background from his military service, in the 1960’s attended mechanical engineering school.  It was there, he learned of NA Berstein’s studies in biomechanics.  He combined all three topics, martial art (primarily combat sambo and Spiridnovian sambo), with the physical sciences and biological sciences such as biomechanics and kinematics.  Unlike many Russian styles, which have a ‘traditional’ and ethnic base, Kadochnikov based his style only in science.

To learn more about Kadochnikov System, purchase our K-Sys Manual, the first English language work on the Kadochnikov System, written by our founder Matt Powell in 2002.

After our founder Matt Powell left the Kadochnikov System and other systems, Pramek was founded.  You can learn more about this in our ABOUT page.  In the beginning, Pramek combatives built on Kadochnikov’s work to create a system more palatable to the West, while also embracing other styles of martial art.  Later, Pramek developed it’s own methodology, techniques, teaching methods, and create the first true post-Russian style system.  Combined with real world experience through law enforcement, military, and private security, Pramek Combatives, our ‘martial art’, is focused heavily on combatives – not spot, not lifestyle arts, but pure combatives. Pramek Combatives is the application of two Pramek methods, the CLM – our teaching methodology; UOS – our combative sciences; and Move – our combative based movement system.

Pramek Combatives, what we call ‘martial art-ish’ is a style of combatives unlike any in the world, moving beyond it’s predecessors using the CLM which leads to fast retention by students.

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What is kinematics? How do they effect martial art?
In FUNCTION – we take the deepest dive since The Helix into kinematics, biomechanics, and physiology of combat.

Against the wall

What if you were trapped?  In your house?  In your vehicle.  In our Against the Wall Series, Matt Powell shows your the science and combatives of fighting in confined spaces.
Using science, street proven methods, and intelligent violence Matt shows your the basics for surviving in the worst situation – trapped in a corner.

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Try out a virtual class – where we film class, unedited, and let you check out how we do things at Pramek.

Remember, virtual classes are 30-60 minutes in length and serve as a training supplement.  These are HD, but are not professionally produced – they are class footage that have insight, demonstration, and various students as Matt corrects them. There is foul language on occasion, joking, and the general fun that happens in classes along with the training.

Ready to strike…

Learn to strike and defend against strikes, all while being efficient in this series.