My house was built in the 1940’s.  In the small hallway is a telephone stand, built into the wall, popular at the time for the one phone in the house.

On this stand is my wallet, sunglasses, keys, lip balm, Glock 23, my dual magazine holster, my favorite watches, and my bracelet.

Above this stand hangs two items.  A cross and a framed diagram (below).  Each day I stop to get everything I need for the day, I look at the cross and the diagram.

The cross reminds me there is something larger than me.

The diagram is from the Kadochnikov System, explaining the thought process of survival.

I keep the diagrams there for two reasons…to remind me of where I come from, and remind me there is always a way.  Even after all these years, I still view the diagram as something very special to me.  Most know my history with the Kadochnikov System from 2000 – 2004 and my appreciation for his system and my training.  But, most importantly, I always remember – there is always a way.

My diagram explanation.  Survival = knowledge.  The more knowledge, the greater the chances of survival.  Knowledge allows us to create actions in association with the environment to survive.  The more we know about our environment, and how we are able to interact with it, the greater chance we have to work with the forces in the environment to survive.

We don’t have to fight the environment.  If I understand the psychology of an enemy – I can work with it.  If i understand an enemy’s mechanics, I can work with them.  If I understand the nature of a weight in my way, I can fight it, or I can use knowledge of mechanics to remove it.

Ideas equal a process – when we have an idea, we will do anything to make the idea happen.   To make the idea reality, we must have a process to make it happen.

First, the idea must be based in principles and laws of nature.  If it is outside of these principles and laws, it lessons the chance the idea has of success.  This is why, for example in martial art, people will teach many things, but when they are contrary to the laws of nature (including laws of material science applied to combatives), they rarely work.

So, first we must ensure the idea will work within the laws of nature…mechanics, physics, biomechanics, psychology, neurology, etc.

Then we have our routes to achieve the process…We can realize our idea, and construct the a a way in which it will operate.  I do this often in Pramek – I have an idea based on something I think could work…I realize it through doing it, and then construct a means for it to happen.

Or, we can look at established means…for example, an existing technique.  We see the established means, then use the means by which the method is possible, like a lever or a wedge, to create our process.

Most martial arts look to the means they have create previously, and then go through the procedure, the method, to make this happen.

Pramek recognizes those means and methods in our Procedural Based Learning.  But, unlike other martial arts – we are more interested in creation.  We realize our process, and then construct a means to achieve it.

But, many times, the realization we have already has a method.  The means we see can be constructed better using science…we can construct it more efficiently or quickly using science.

Realization and construction is adaptation…means and method are what has been done before that works.  Sometimes one works where the other doesn’t.


Why do I have this?  Why is it laminated in my wallet?

Because whenever I am confronted with an obstacle, I make a decision – can I work with it to achieve my goal, or do I need to work against it efficiently to get to my goal?  Be it a fight or business, I use this diagram to remind me – I always have a choice.

Many times in life, our only choice is what we have been told will work.  When creativity is not taught, it leaves us to only do the same thing over and over and try to make it fit.

This robs us of our ability to create our own way.  It is up to us to decide which is more efficient…or sometimes we mix them…always remembering we can either work with the environment, or against it, but always use our own mind, and not the mind of another to make the decision for our own survival.

Each day when I look at the diagram, I think to myself, ‘Today, no matter what happens, I will find a way back to this house, my family, my dogs, my friends, and the life I love.’

What reminds of these things?

– Matt


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