What is signal anxiety?

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What is a feedback loop?  What is signal anxiety?  Why do people freeze? In Matt Powell’s new article at BreachBangClear, he answers these questions and the answer to them:  Mental Models. Two reactions are possible when we have panic-inducing anxiety. First, the mind can be overwhelmed with stimuli (for example, at the sight of a […]

Spartan Training Gear review (indepth)

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Spartan Training gear is refining the way combatives is taught…from martial art spot to simunitions, Spartan Gear raises the standard of what today’s training equipment is. In this video, Matt takes his own personal gear, from the helmet to the leg protection, and everything in between and shows you the in’s and out’s of the […]

What if you are attacked at your vehicle?

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Defense around Vehicles has arrived.  What if someone tried to assault, carjack, kidnap, or rape you at your vehicle? What would you do? We take video instruction to a whole new level, with ‘Training Freeze’, lectures, real world scenarios with Spartan Training Gear, and the most up to date methods of surviving an attack at […]

The TMA MMA Combatives divide.

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I remember when the argument first started on forums.  It’s an age old argument but technology has forced it to change.  Instead of seminars or magazine reader write-ins, it had shifted to the digital space. ‘Mixed martial art is more effective than traditional martial art.’ ‘A traditional martial art master can overcome any mixed martial […]

What is training….smart?

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When we decided to make Defense Around Vehicles, it was to answer a question:  ‘What does Pramek look like in a fight?’ After 16 years, I can tell you: it looks like training smart. It’s a conundrum that has affected reality based combatives for a long time.  Carl Cestari, an amazing teacher, used to be […]

Becoming the alpha male / female

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From Monderno.com ‘It is not enough to think we own the ground we stand on.  A criminal or aggressor is not a psychic reading our thoughts – they must read what they see.  When they see a confident individual they must decide if they will come into the space that the confidence exists within and […]

Combative Striking

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Strategy?  Biomechanics?  Distraction? Power development?  Proper form? It’s all here – in 4 hours of education.  Combative Striking is the ultimate in innovation for striking.   Want to learn ‘ballistic striking?’  It’s here.   Want to learn how to create a ‘fatal funnel?’  It’s right here.   Want to learn the mechanics of a proper […]