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We are beyond proud of Matt's newest venture, PASTLESS, and it's first product, UNDO.  The book has been a great success, and now, we are excited for Matt's newest multi-media project, UNDO:  The Learning Series. Ready to change your life? Then be ready to UNDO the past...

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A New Interview with Matt

Ready for some mind-blowing radio? Learn about the founding of Pramek, what makes it different, Matt's new venture with Pastless and his new book UNDO! Click below and listen as Matt steps into The Midnight Ocean!

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Science. A head start.


Recently I read a post by an MMA instructor stating, ‘Why are people making things more difficult than they are?  Punch someone in the face…a punch is a punch, a face is a face.  It’s not all this biomechanics and thought.  Don’t overcomplicate what you are doing.’Conceputalized View Final

I chuckled, wondering how many times this instructor had competed and watched a fight tape of an opponent…or perhaps trained for a specific hold because he saw a weakness in an upcoming opponent.

We aren’t overcomplicating anything – we are looking for one thing:  a head start.  A short cut.  Or, as some people say these days, a ‘hack.’

The above diagram is from our manual in combatives learning, CLM1:  Efficient Perceptual Learning (which is undergoing an revision currently!)  Available here:

I often speak of combat being a machine, like a car.  When your car breaks, you take it to a mechanic.  The mechanic doesn’t look at the car, he looks at the systems within the car to find what to fix.

Looking at the diagram, we see the break down in how Pramek approaches combat – with a goal in mind.  Not mindless swinging, not punch and a face – but a goal.  We take the goal, develop a strategy to reach it, and then employ methods and tactics to achieve our goal.  The idea being that if you know what you goal is, you can work toward that goal, position and control the fight to get there – while your opponent adapts to you.

That RMA video…

(originally published on September 28th, 2014)

This one is a long time coming and needs to be written. Flame war, engage. But this is about business, not people or personalities.

As many know from the Pramek Radio podcast, I am not a fan of EFO or empty force methods. I have even said publicly for a decade I don’t doubt such things exist, but as a means of defending one’s self…I think it’s something that should not be taught. That being said, I’ve been innundated with FB and email requests asking me to explain a video.

Let me first say I have never trained with Mikhail Ryabko, Vasiliev, or in Systema. My time in the Russian styles, in the US and in Russia, was on the scientific side. After leaving the Russian styles, I focused on creating Pramek to further scientific application and study in the martial arts and how they are taught. But, my lessons from Russian style have never left me like any student honors their teachers by teaching what was good and avoiding what was bad.

I was sent the below link in an email from someone that read:
‘Is this what you studied in Russia???’

I clicked, thinking, ‘Ok, I’m gonna get Rick Rolled.’
A friend of mine was in the kitchen and came running in, confusion on her face as I exclaimed very loudly, ‘What the hell is this shit?’

I think we all have to ask this to keep a system, style, or teacher honest. A lot of other arts (I haven’t even looked at Bullshido or Cage Potato yet) will ask the question of this video, but those who have ties to Russian styles or study this art have to ask the same. These kinds of videos affect us all, as those who see ‘Russia’ or ‘RMA’ in our resume see these things and judge us based on the popularity of Systema as the predominant Russian style.

Like it or not, the general martial art public, having viewed these kinds of videos, see us in this light.

Anger in the past turned to frustration, and eventual embarrassment, when people brought these kinds of videos up to me. It was hard enough explaining the old videos of Mr. Kadochnikov knocking people down without touching them – but those videos are twenty-thirty years old now and explainable as cold-war propaganda, regardless of what the videos were actually demonstrating.

But, what about this video?