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If you bought our video, Organizing The Fight (, you might have noticed a really strong guy who was my training partner throughout. Arash has been a Pramek stalwart for a long time, and what he lacks in graceful mechanics he makes up in heart and power. So, it is with a swollen heart that […]

Onnit Academy

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Our coordination with Onnit Academy is now even higher as our founder Matt Powell has passed Level 1 Certification for Onnit Academy. Be on the look out for Level 3 courses Matt will be teaching for Onnit, as well as new instructionals Onnit will have by Matt for combatives how-to’s! This road began years ago […]

Applying The Gear

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Movement’s like we teach in, when applying The Gear, and in our upcoming (sssshhhhh!) movement program are all about application. Whether you are moving the body to keep it young or moving the body to survive in a combat situation – controlling the body is vital. In Part 3 of the 4 part Tactical Movement […]

Warrior Mode Releases!

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The first in the Warrior Mode Series for Pramek, this biomechanics focused training is led by Pramek Fitness Lead Coach, Erik ‘Esik’ Melland (click for bio). In Warrior Mode Basic Training, Erik takes the student through a person, detailed program of bodyweight exercises compiled into a series of routines in a system Erik has created […]

Matt Powell on Talking Lead

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Talking Lead, one of the largest and most popular online firearms, self-defense, and equipment podcasts recently our own Matt Powell on for three episodes! Filled with jokes, indepth discussion, stories, and information about firearms and combatives – you’re sure to enjoy these. Episode 1 with Matt Powell Episode 2 with Matt Powell Episode 3 with […]

Seminar Footage: Ground Movement with Weapons

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In this video, Matt Powell, while teaching at Pramek Cleveland, demonstrates different types of ground movements with weapons. This is not meant to be direct firearms instruction, but how to utilize weapons training to reinforce proper movement mechanics.  In the online and social media world, ‘rolling’ with pistols has become a fad.  Matt specifically discusses […]

The 5 Movements

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Efficiency in movement has been a buzzword in the martial art world for a long time, but recently has fallen by the way side as many instructors look toward teaching something more easily explainable. For example, efficiency in movement is not as easy to discuss as joint mobility.  The concepts behind the two are similar…each […]

Pramek Master Class: Levers

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We are proud to announce December 14th, 2013 Matt Powell will be teaching the first Pramek Master Class on Levers at Wolf Fitness Systems in Salinas, CA. A Pramek Master class is an intricate study of the fundamentals of Pramek with students who have attended multiple seminars and developed a foundation of understanding of Pramek, […]

A choice

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A great article from Pramek Instructor Level 1, Dennis Zijlstra, of Holland: ‘We train. We make jokes, and laugh. We giggle while we punch, or get punched.We sweat. We train… and are having fun…each week again. The best part is that we are learning. By trail and error. By falling and getting up again. But […]

Taking short cuts….

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In the martial arts, we talk alot about two subjects…science and short cuts. Tighten up the circles, a quicker way to execute a throw, The science and understanding of equilibrium is one of the fastest short-cuts to achieve results that we have at our disposal. First, let’s look at the physiology of equilibrium. Human equilibrium […]

Joint mobility…buzzwords versus results.

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What is joint mobility? I have recently been inundated with questions about this topic, about moving efficiently versus inefficiently, what is joint mobility? We see it everywhere…’joint mobility.’  The buzz word so often used to describe…what? That one can rotate their joints? Maybe they can stretch further? Perhaps some really cool exercises that look difficult? […]