Functional Fitness


If you bought our video, Organizing The Fight (, you might have noticed a really strong guy who was my training partner throughout. Arash has been a Pramek stalwart for a long time, and what he lacks in graceful mechanics he makes up in heart...

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Onnit Academy

Our coordination with Onnit Academy is now even higher as our founder Matt Powell has passed Level 1 Certification for Onnit Academy. Be on the look out for Level 3 courses Matt will be teaching for Onnit, as well as new instructionals Onnit will have by...

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MSF Explosive Strength Drill 1

People have asked for years, 'When will Pramek release a full fitness program?' MSF answers this.  The brain-child of Matt Powell, MSF is Mission Specific Fitness. A new website and program specifically geared for civilians and law enforcement, this is a program unlike any other. Have a taste,...

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