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        A while ago someone asked me, 'Matt, what supplements and equipment do you use?' Anyone who has seen me lately knows that I'm leaner and more focused than I have ever been. Diet, workouts, training, learning...

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Virtual Class: The Elbow

Beginning our new series, Virtual Class is HD instruction from weekly classes in Atlanta. Ranging from 30-45 minutes in length, shot with HD cameras and students cameras, these videos are indepth, organic, and sometimes hilarious instructional's on a variety of topics. One question we are often asked,...

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Chairs and guides

There is a scene in the movie, ‘The Patriot’ where Mel Gibson’s character (based on the real life revolution Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox) looks at a rocking chair in the enemy’s office. He is at the beginning of a vital negotiation but instead – he is looking at the rocking chair. Earlier in the movie, he has been working on building a chair and his barn was filled with broken, failed attempts (or, ways not to build a chair).
I remember the first time I built a piece of furniture.

It was a daunting task – the measurements, the angles, the loads, the physical aspect of actually assembling my own chair.

And the failure. The slow irritation at my inability to make a chair…how hard can it be?