RIP Alexei Kadochnikov

It would be fitting that the day after I announced to the world that I was leaving martial art, that the man who changed my life so profoundly, Alexei Kadochnikov, would pass away.

I’ll never forget his statement, ‘Stop slamming that car door.  The door is designed to be closed, not to be slammed.  When you use things as they are designed, they last forever – when you force them, they eventually stop working.  Stop slamming my car doors.’

It was that mechanical mindset – it reminds me so much of Buckminister Fuller and his applying engineering to life.

I would not be who I am without Alexei Kadochnikov.  When I went to Russia, I was a broken, listless kid – used by manipulative teachers, I was losing faith in martial art, in life in many ways. 

Listless, doldrums. 

And, Alexei and his team of teachers, his team of masters – they restored it.

I’ve recorded two podcasts trying to put forth my emotions about this loss and finally I’ve given up.  I’ll post them one day, and I have so much to write, but no words really describe it.  This one hit me so hard, like he had punched me in the gut…when you lose someone who changes who you are, not your life, but who you are…your self…your future self…well, I guess that’s enough words. 

You are missed grandpa; master; teacher; patriarch.  

Thank you.

I’ll do my best to make you proud with the work we do.

Heaven is fortunate to have one such as you manning the walls…

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